Launch It: Boots for all occasions

15th September 2018

Reinvigorated and redesigned to meet the modern horse owners’ every need, Dublin has released the brand-new Country Boot Range. Offering fantastic quality and reliability across a range of price points, Dublin has refashioned its much-loved country boots to appeal to the vast equestrian and countryside markets. Completely redeveloped, taking inspiration from its bestselling boots, this…

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Brand new balancing act: Dodson & Horrell

1st September 2018

The Balancer Range, made up of six brand new feed balancers, is Dodson & Horrell’s latest product development as the company continues to innovate and revitalise its product range.    Dodson & Horrell’s brand new product line offers customers a wide range of six different balancers to cater for every need.  “Keeping ahead of the…

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Launch It: Pick, Carry, Empty – made easy!

1st August 2018

Refreshing an innovative tool used by horse owners every day, the Quick Pick is turning heads as an easy solution for muck picking and so much more. Designed to help your customers spend more time in the saddle and less time cleaning up after their horses, the Quick Pick boasts a range of cleverly designed…

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Launch It: Ollard Westcombe

2nd July 2018

Dedicated to producing fine equestrian apparel for the environmentally conscious, Ollard Westcombe has revealed a new wave of premium products made from naturally tanned leather. Founded over 160 years ago, Ollard Westcombe has a proud tradition of manufacturing exceptional equestrian products, leading to a rapidly increasing number of stockists throughout the UK, Ireland, Germany and…

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Launch It: Paint reinvented

23rd June 2018

Exclusively distributed in the UK by Battles, JCB Paint has launched a new commercial and domestic weatherproof paint that is set for success in the equestrian market. Versatile and Supertough, JCB Paint offers flame protection on a single application and can be used externally and internally all over a yard including stables, barns, feed rooms,…

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Launch It: equiXTREME

2nd January 2018

Exclusively distributed in the UK by Equi-vation, equiXTREME offers the very highest quality grooming and care products, and is ready to make its mark on the British equestrian market. Providing advanced levels of care, the entire equiXTREME range has been specifically designed to meet the modern needs of the horse’s skin, hoof and coat as…

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Launch It: Flex-on

1st December 2017

Flex-on stands to revolutionise the way riders think about stirrups, by combining unique shock absorption technology with comfort, stability and customisable design. Developed through the partnership between a showjumper and an engineer (Caroline and Laurent Bordes), Flex-on set about creating a solution for the sore knees and ankles experienced by many riders on the competition…

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Launch It: Arioneo Orscana

29th August 2017

Inspired by advances in human health monitoring, Arioneo launches Orscana, a revolution in equine technology; delivering a product that safeguards a customer’s horse and performs at the till. If you’ve ever had a customer seeking new technology to help them manage their horse’s everyday well-being and comfort, you’ll know that there’s very little on the market…

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