November 2019

Behind the November cover…

Full of advice from experts, innovative new products and thought-provoking features, get ahead on the winter months with the November issue of Equestrian Business.

Winter condition is the focus of our nutrition feature, which considers how best to advise your customers dependent on varying factors from workload to quality of fibre. We take a look into the supplement market, including valuable feedback from retailers and what to stock to keep your customers’ horses happy and healthy whilst battling through the winter.

With the winter fully upon us, we look into seasonal topics and how customers can keep their horses protected, as well as winter yard maintenance – tackling all the jobs that have been put off all summer.

Page turning…

November gives you brand new ideas on what you can stock in store this winter. From products to support common winter ailments such as mud fever, to the riding boots and wellies that are on trend from Let’s Talk Products.

This month in Pet and Countryside, we look at what’s in store for the winter months ahead. We will be talking everything game – from how to look after a gundog to what to wear on the shooting field, and even pest control for the smallholder.

With so much more it’s great read, so delve in and don’t be shy of telling us if there’s something you’d like to see covered in a future issue.

October 2019

Behind the October cover…

In the October issue we have some fabulous content which kicks off with what’s hits the headlines throughout the month. Get the details about a new gut testing kit, find out who won awards at spoga horse autumn and get the full low down on what’s happening in the industry.

Behind the brand…

BEDMAX began producing purpose-made shavings in 2000, the company’s objective was
to offer owners in the UK the healthiest possible bedding for their horses. Read our Behind The Brand feature to find out the ethos and values behind BEDMAX.

Through this issue we cover seminar success for two very different companies, look into our ever-popular Product Gallery and what’s on trend and in demand, and delve into a big review of spoga horse autumn.

October looks at our first glimpse of what’s in store for Christmas for Equestrian and for Dog, in our NEW Pet and Countryside supplement that is weaved into the centre of the magazine from this month. From coping with fireworks night, to preparing your smallholding, it’s all included.

Page turning… 

Veteran nutrition features once again, and we have spoken to the experts on what the veteran needs this winter, as well as a Get The Message from Spillers on conditioning feeds, perfect for this time of year. Over the season, hooves are affected greatly too and included is a feature on how good hoof care is paramount for your customers and their horses.

We also delve into respiratory health, from high risk diseases to manageable issues, October gives you all the info on what you can stock this winter for your discerning customers. From airway supplements, to which exercise sheets and rugs to stock from Let’s Talk Products – cover to cover there’s something for everyone, so delve in!

September 2019

Behind the September cover…

September’s publication dives head first into news pieces that are relevant to current events in the equestrian world. From the equine ‘flu crisis and combating dangerous driving, to special offers at this seasons upcoming events – we’ve got the stories you need.

Our Product Gallery follows with some more impressive products for September. From paddock and yard maintenance, to innovative new products for young riders – we have all the information for retailers to get their stock levels sorted.

Nutrition this month covers everything that is ‘free from.’ With more people becoming aware of how common allergies and intolerances are in horses, it’s no wonder that more feeds are now on the market.

Another popular topic heading into the autumn/winter season – clippers. From favoured brands, types of motor and alternative services – everything is there for the discerning retailer.

New to Equestrian Business is a pet and countryside feature that will be running every month from September. There is such a large cross-over with equestrian, why not benefit from it?

A necessity for nearly all horse owners. We talk you through your bedding choices this winter and why prices are rising.

An in-depth first aid piece is included this month. We delve into what to stock in a first aid kit for the equine and human, to who to call in an emergency and what you and your staff can do to make your business even safer.

EB Against Waste. What are you doing to help the environment? We tell you what we are doing here in the office and at home.

Let’s Talk Products this month covers everything winter wear for the rider. The latest trends and styles brought to you in one swift publication.

If you feel we could be doing more and covering different topics, do contact us. And if we are doing just fine, make sure to grab yourself a copy.

August 2019

Behind the cover…

August’s issue of Equestrian Business features all the latest topics and products we think are relevant to retailers at this time of year.

News kicks-off this month’s issue, with a lead story regarding the new partnership between NETTEX and Trilanco. Hoof health is highlighted by the University of Nottingham while a sanctuary in Devon revolutionises recycling.

Once again, the Product Galleys flaunts some innovative products this month. From summer-weight breeches from Firefoot, to fly masks from Equilibrium Products and an award-winning wasp deterrent device – we have everything your customers may need during this time of the year.

Equine nutrition will forever be important. This month we look at forage and alternatives and its relevance across all of the equine industry and all disciplines. From foraging in the wild to a fit racehorse, we look at how a horse’s forage needs haven’t changed.

August looks at the supply chain and its dense and complex ways that are not always fully understood by many. The Supply Chain Management plays an important role in the curriculum of most business schools.

Insurance and its complexities are included in this issue. Not a popular subject on many people’s minds, we explain why you should read, how it is likely to be relevant to you and how it is something that your business really needs.

We have dedicated an entire feature on rider safety this month, highlighting tips and tricks to keep people safe whilst riding, as well as showcasing some fabulous products that retailers can get their hands on.

Although only August, retailers need to be thinking about the ever-nearing season of winter, with our rug washing and repair feature. We talk you through how preparation and organisation is key to keeping on top of consumer demands.

Worming should always be on retailers’ minds, with four key times of the year that it is relevant. Packed full of information, this three-page feature covers everything from faecal egg count testing to pasture management advice.

Let’s Talk Products in this issue addresses everything from the pommel down including products such as saddlecloths, girths, spurs and stirrup covers. With such a vast array of products, retailers are sure to find something that catches their eye.

We also cover the spoga horse autumn preview, which gives you glimpses of what to expect at the show at the beginning of August.

If you feel we could be doing more and covering different topics, do contact us.

Equestrian Business July 2019 Issue

July 2019

Behind the cover…

With the first half of the year drawing to close, July’s issue is full of relevant topics and opinions for summer trading.

Our news pages lead with I’Anson’s revelation that it has invested £12m in a new product facility as part of a 2020 vision, while Horseware founder Tom MacGuinness takes the endurance world by storm.

Product Gallery showcases some interesting and diverse merchandise this month from the Cambox Helmet Camera to Peppermint Lip Balm – there’s something to fill the shelves for every retailer.

While Insurance is not always the most interesting topic, Shearwater Insurance talks us through having a plan when things go wrong; whiles there’s retailer help from JISP on how to connect your shop with your customer.

Reducing the risks of dehydration is currently a ‘hot’ topic with the Met Office forecasting hotter than average temperatures this summer, putting dehydrating and how to avoid it firmly in the minds of customers.

Overcoming common problems surrounding the horse’s skin and coat is never far from a horse owner’s mind, especially where a horse has recurrent problems. That’s why we’ve dedicated a whole feature on everyday issues and how to treat and prevent them.

Packed full of content, the July issue captures highlights of the month through our Equestrian Influence brand, and also showcases some of the industry’s most instrumental brands with features on Equine America and The Golden Paste Company.

We also go Au naturel with a fascinating feature on herbs, moving from equine instinct to the intervention of human science.

With so much more it’s great read, so delve in and don’t be shy of telling us if there’s something you’d like to see covered in a future issue.


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