June 19

Behind the cover…

With a whole host of new features including Engaging with Experts, Equestrian Influence Asks and Getting to Know You, the June edition of Equestrian Business is a real page turner.

Taking centre stage in this issue is our annual showcase of British companies. Best of British puts the spotlight on companies that are proud to be patriotic and not afraid to shout about it!

Weight management is the topic of discussion for the equine nutrition – with horses moving onto summer grazing, this is a particularly hot topic for the following months.

The prevention and management of parasites is put under the microscope, as are methods of reducing risks in relation to theft and injury.

Concluding the campaign…

In the previous two issues, we’ve discussed in depth the problems the industry faces in relation to waste and shone the spotlight on manufacturers doing what they can to reduce, reuse and recycle – now it’s over to you.

What could you be doing to improve your green credentials? How could you be helping your customers make more informed choice? How can you play a part ensuring the equestrian industry is a force for good against waste? Small changes can lead to great things and if we all work together, we can secure a sustainable future for our industry.

May 2019

Behind the cover…

Full of advice from experts, handy checklists and thought-provoking features, get ahead on the summer months with the May issue of Equestrian Business.

Supporting the equine athlete is the focus of our nutrition feature, which considers how best to advise your customers dependent on workload and the stresses encountered on the horse. We take a look into the supplement market, considering when and how dietary supplements can be beneficial and what to stock to keep your customers’ horses happy and healthy.

With the summer weather steadily making an appearance, we look into summer ailments and how customers can keep their horses protected, as well as summer yard maintenance – tackling all the jobs that have been put off during the winter. We even dip our toe into the topic of breeding and share advice and recommendations on how best to support breeders.

Continuing the campaign…

Following on from our launch in the last issue, EB Against Waste has been picking up steam, encouraging us all to consider the role we play in protecting the environment. Under the microscope this month are a selection of manufacturers going above and beyond to safeguard the environment, proving there are changes we can all make for the better.

April 2019

Behind the cover

April’s edition looks ahead to the warmer months and the challenges they can bring for horse owners. Among the features this month we look into helping customers get the best from their paddocks, we reflect on the changing tack market and Science Supplements takes the spotlight in Behind the Brand. Discussing laminitis and PPID (otherwise known as equine Cushing’s disease), we investigate how best you can support customers and help allay their concerns. Looking at extra revenue streams, we consider the advantages of diversifying and what you need to keep in mind before going ahead with change.



 Sir David Attenborough and the Blue Planet team did an excellent job bringing the dangers of plastic waste to the attention of the masses and now people are looking for change – the equestrian industry being no different. The first in a new series, EB Against Waste considers the issues at hand and how manufacturers through to retailers ought to be reacting. Considering recycling, packaging, waste, sustainability, eco-friendly practices, Equestrian Business is leading the change on how the equestrian industry regards waste.

March 2019

Behind the cover…

The March issue of Equestrian Business has spring firmly in mind. Looking into the booming balancer market, we investigate what makes this feeding option so popular and uncover some of the myths still circulating about balancers and their use. With competitions up and running across the country, we look into how to help your customers achieve a showring shine through diet and grooming.

Thought about setting up a rug cleaning business? We talk to experts in this field about how to ensure your new venture is a success and go to those with experience providing such services for their do’s and don’ts.

Beyond Brexit

Do you have a product you want sold across the world? Want to boost exposure for your services and gain an enviable reputation? But are you worried about the effect Brexit may have? Help is here in the form of 4Hooves! We talk to Henrike Klein, Founder and Managing Director of 4Hooves for her expert advice on taking your brand international post Brexit and what help is at hand.

February 2019

Behind the cover…

Gearing up for the competition season, this issue of Equestrian Business focuses on helping your customers succeed. From clothing and safety wear to tack and accessories, we consider it all. Calming and control is put under the spotlight in our nutrition feature, focusing on fighting fizz and restoring balance.

Advocating strategies to reduce the spread of resistance, our worming feature provides expert advice on when, why and how to test and treat worms.

Time for change?

With BETA International over for another year, Staff Writer Charlotte turns to the exhibitors to hear their thoughts on the UK’s only trade show for the equestrian industry.

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