Equestrian Influence is an inspired development from our highly respected equestrian trade publication. With video and visual content at its core, Equestrian Influence will be inviting participation from brands who understand the power of video and visual brand messages across all forms of social media. We will be engaging with all sectors - from the consumer, to the professional to yard owners to retail - creating content that converts.

Trade Toolkit

We know that many retailers are having to go online to survive, but our feedback is that many lack the knowledge or skills to truly engage their audience. Putting products at the forefront, we will be arming retailers with readymade digital assets that they can used free-of-charge across their websites and social media channels.

If you want help powering your products across the internet or want to find out how we can help boost footfall to your shop, talk to us today to see how we can help generate more sales.

Product Videos

Equestrian Business produces product videos that can be aimed specially at the trade, or the consumer as desired. Following a discussion with you on your aims and aspirations, we will produce an impressive, cost effective video with professional voice over and animation that converts products in to sales. Once produced, it is yours to use as you wish.

If you require the kudos of it being a trade Equestrian Business production, that’s shared across our trade channels that’s not a problem. If you require a consumer Equestrian Influence production that’s shared across consumer media that’s fine too and even if you want a clean unbranded version solely for your own use, we are happy to accommodate your needs. Whatever you need, we have the experience and a melting pot of ideas to produce something that will blow you - and more importantly your customers - away!


Roaming Reporters

Our roaming reporters are taking to the road to create vlogs, visiting retailers and yards, taking products with us to see how they are received by the marketplace.

If you want to know what people think of your products, now is the time to get in touch. Or if you are exhibiting atan event and would like us to come and capture the action, let us know!

If you are a retailer, yard manager or have a role in the decision-making process and want to provide us with your expertise and feedback, become part of the conversation by joining the Equestrian Influence Facebook group.

It’s live, it’s exciting and it’s happening now!

Put in to the Panel

Have you often wondered what makes retailers stock a certain brand or product? Would you like to know what yard owners think of your products? Or do you want to gain valuable consumer opinion?

Whether your product is new to the market or has been revamped, we will put it to the panel and provide a valueable Equestrian Influence “Best on Test” badge that can be used on all marketing materials as desired for those products that do indeed come out best.

Whether you are proud of your product’s packaging and POS for retailers or your products technical innovation, there will be an applicable Equestrian Influence “Best on Test” category.

If you want more information view the media pack HERE, or if you would rather chat through options, please get in touch:

[email protected]

+44 (0)1953 850678

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